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Reading: The Italian Information Infrastructure for the Management of Migrants


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The Italian Information Infrastructure for the Management of Migrants


Pasquale Spinoso


This paper examines the enactment of the Information Infrastructure for
the management of migrants in Italy. The recent migration crisis required
e-government tools to deal with the management of migrants in Italy, and
this paper critically explores how the relevant Italian Authorities put in place
a purpose-built government solution, the Information Infrastructure, to
better manage and allocate migrants in the Italian Territory. This work closely
focuses on the functionalities enacted in the Information Infrastructure, and
critically analyses its main characteristics and interoperability. This research
derives from a case study which enables the phenomenon to be explored
from multiple sources and angles. The findings are explored through the lens
of the assemblage framework, which helps to uncover the real nature of this
Information Infrastructure, identifying it as an assemblage, a heterogeneous
composite which results from the encounter of technology with a spectrum
of socio-technical dimensions. Looking at this Information Infrastructure as
an assemblage will help to unveil the role of mediation between the various
interests and dimensions in the making of the assemblage. In particular, we will
argue that the interplay of dimensions has led to an Information Infrastructure
that is suboptimal and imperfect by contrast with the original plans because
some dimensions fail to recognize the effects of the others. Moreover, we aim to
demonstrate that the attempts to design an assemblage that is fully controllable
a priori failed because an assemblage is always in-the-making and needs to be
continuously cultivated by its actors.

How to Cite: Spinoso, P., 2020. The Italian Information Infrastructure for the Management of Migrants. iSCHANNEL, 14(1), pp.12–18.
Published on 06 Jan 2020.
Peer Reviewed


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