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Reading: Perspectives on Business and Technology Alignment


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Perspectives on Business and Technology Alignment


Joanna Peng

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The alignment between business and technology is considered important to business. Yet, there is little agreement on how alignment can be managed in an organisation. There are two streams of opinions: alignment can be rationally planned and controlled; or alignment is fuzzy, improvised and cannot be entirely predicted. The differences between the perspectives result in different recommendations and observations from research. Literature that seeing alignment can be planned and controlled usually attempts to identify good alignment practices. It also emphasises on the importance of good upfront planning. On the other hand, literature based on the assumption that alignment cannot be entirely predicted typically reflects on how alignment occurs and how to respond to unintended changes. Furthermore, with the pervasive use of digital technology in recent years, both streams of literature recognise the dynamism of technology. The view that alignment is an ongoing process has become more popular. Thus, it is essential to embed flexibility and adaptability in an organisation’s strategic planning, structural design and operation.
How to Cite: Peng, J., 2020. Perspectives on Business and Technology Alignment. iSCHANNEL, 15(1), pp.33–37.
Published on 25 Aug 2020.
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