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Reading: When Healthcare Industry Faces IT Innovation


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When Healthcare Industry Faces IT Innovation


Huiwen Yan

Information Systems and Innovation Group, Department of Management, London School of Economics, GB
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Candidate for M.Sc. In Analysis Design and Management of Information Systems
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This literature review provides an insight into trends within academic research in the field of IT adoption in the healthcare sector. There are two main debates regarding IT adoption in healthcare sectors whether to adopt or not to adopt. Each of them has its own justifications regarding its applicability. This paper reviews recent research regarding IT in healthcare and classifies the research along three different dimensions – “Organizational Vs Individual”, “Benefits Vs Barriers” and “Pre– Vs Post-adoption”. This review of the existing literature provides a comprehensive understanding from both an academic and empirical perspective of the current situation, and identifies gaps towards which future research can be directed.

How to Cite: Yan, H., 2008. When Healthcare Industry Faces IT Innovation. iSCHANNEL, 3(1), pp.7–11.
Published on 01 Sep 2008.
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