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Reading: Sustainable competitive advantage through the use of IT


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Sustainable competitive advantage through the use of IT


Annie Bussarova

Information Systems and Innovation Group, Department of Management, London School of Economics, GB
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Candidate for M.Sc. In Analysis Design and Management of Information Systems
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Many companies, in their quest to sustain a competitive edge, opt for technology as a natural strategic choice that will align with their business to help them maintain a leading position in the marketplace. The strategic use of information technology (IT) has applied a variety of methods and frameworks to enhance a firm’s business performance through costeffectiveness, firm capability leverage, business-IT alignment, and value chain integration, with the Resource-Based View of IT as an organizational resource being the most widely recognized practice. This article aims to review the position of IT as a possible means for organizations to achieve long term market advantage and the importance of strategic IT management in this process. Further discussion focuses on the apparent IT productivity paradox, and whether IT is indeed a source of sustained competitive advantage.

How to Cite: Bussarova, A., 2008. Sustainable competitive advantage through the use of IT. iSCHANNEL, 3(1), pp.24–27.
Published on 01 Sep 2008.
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