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Reading: Bits and Bytes of Happiness!


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Bits and Bytes of Happiness!


Anand Pathradkar

Information Systems and Innovation Group, Department of Management, London School of Economics, GB
About Anand
Candidate for M.Sc. In Analysis Design and Management of Information Systems
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This article draws its inspiration from the Virtual Happiness Project and then attempts to build on the linkage between happiness and technology usage (mostly, the internet). While the study is still underway, researchers on the project have come out with certain data-backed analysis as mentioned in the article. The term ‘Happiness’, in the context of the article is used to indicate a general sense of well-being and harmony with oneself (and the outer world, to some extent) rather than economic/ tangible gains. The world is definitely not what it was a few years ago and every new technology invented claims to (or even has) altered the definition/s of happiness individually (and to that effect, socially as well). Although a far-fetched topic, I have tried to capture the role of technology (perceived vs. actual) in a human being’s pursuit of happiness. The preference to end the article on a non-conclusive note is primarily attached to the fact that the 25 years I have spent haven’t been enough to explore all the dimensions of happiness; probably even a lifetime won’t suffice.

How to Cite: Pathradkar, A., 2009. Bits and Bytes of Happiness!. iSCHANNEL, 4(1), pp.38–40.
Published on 01 Sep 2009.
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