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Reading: Privacy Issues with Cloud Applications


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Privacy Issues with Cloud Applications


Vikas Ranganathan

Information Systems and Innovation Group, Department of Management, London School of Economics and Political Science, GB
About Vikas
Candidate for MSc Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems
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This privacy review analyses the relevant laws, technological problems and literature on Software as a Service (SaaS). The advent of web applications within powerful web browsers has meant the consumer-oriented segment of the IT industry is evolving away from the server environment to an open field client environment. The article will debate the legal implications of the cloud on the privacy of the user and whether it is possible that technology will have to provide some of the solutions that the legal law cannot provide. At the end, the article concludes whether cloud computing is expected to deliver the benefits that it states it will provide in accordance with adequate regulation, security and privacy features required for its user.

How to Cite: Ranganathan, V., 2010. Privacy Issues with Cloud Applications. iSCHANNEL, 5(1), pp.16–20.
Published on 01 Sep 2010.
Peer Reviewed


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