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Reading: A Conceptual Framework of B2C Website Loyalty


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A Conceptual Framework of B2C Website Loyalty


Xiaowei Jin

Information Systems and Innovation Group, Department of Management, London School of Economics and Political Science, GB
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Candidate for MSc Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems
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In the on-line context, the representation of the loyalty between website and customer can be divided into two parts: the attitudinal loyalty and the behavioural loyalty. These two kinds of customer loyalty are affected synthetically by factors such as service quality, perceived value, customer trust, switching costs, brand, and so forth. Based on the TAM framework, this paper develops a model on customer loyalty in relation to B2C websites. The paper elaborates on the hypothesis of the relation between customer loyalty and its drivers. The conclusions provide reference for both academics and practitioners of B2C websites.

How to Cite: Jin, X., 2010. A Conceptual Framework of B2C Website Loyalty. iSCHANNEL, 5(1), pp.27–32.
Published on 01 Sep 2010.
Peer Reviewed


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