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Reading: Risk Management and User Prevention for Malware Threats


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Risk Management and User Prevention for Malware Threats


Anand Paul

Information Systems and Innovation Group, Department of Management, London School of Economics and Political Science, GB
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MSc Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems
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Internet usage has been growing at a rapid pace over the last two decades. The crux of this paper is to highlight the attitudes of participation, motivation and educational awareness within risk management practices as a combined strategy for computer users, in home and in organizations, to suppress the growth of Malware in the internet. In the last decade, there has been a big growth in Malware spread on the internet and different forms of Malware continue to evolve. One such Malware is the ‘Zeus Trojan’. It is found that Malware threat awareness and its damages provoke users to take notice of malicious activities on the internet and safeguard electronic data and assets. An industry outlook of the growth, evolution and spread of the Zeus Trojan Malware suggests that IS security should start from individual level and not with technology products.

How to Cite: Paul, A., 2012. Risk Management and User Prevention for Malware Threats. iSCHANNEL, 6(1), pp.14–18.
Published on 06 Aug 2012.
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